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The SvelteKit Boilerplate for Tools, SaaS and AI apps.

Focus on building and shipping your product, not on setting up your tech stack.

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+ TypeScript






Auth + DB



ORM & Migrations



Payments & Billing






UI components



Transactional & Marketing Emails



GPT-4 Turbo and more



Meta tags, favicons and more


What you get

Launch Leopard comes with all the tech you need to launch your product within a day

Full-Stack web app

Build your full-stack app with ease with SvelteKit and TypeScript.

Payments & Biling

Accept payments with Stripe. Handle invoicing, subscription, billing and more.


User authentication with handled with Auth.js or Supabase, including social logins like Google, Github and Apple.

Database & ORM

Use any SQL database with Drizzle ORM and get fast and lightweight queries. Or use Supabase for an easy db setup.

UI Components

Pre-built components, like modals, navs, dropdowns, pricing and hero sections. Built using TailwindCSS and DaisyUI.


Use Loops to send transactional and marketing emails. Send login links, invoices and email campaigns.

AI Integration

Use the OpenAI API to generate text, images, transcripts, speech and more. Includes 4 demos with GPT-4 Turbo, Dall-E 3 and more.

SEO, Favicons & Sitemap

Easily setup metatags, favicons and auto generate a sitemap.xml for SEO.


All code is accessible and customizable. Use different tech? No problem, just remove the parts you don’t need.

Docs + Community

Get access to the docs and Discord community to help you build your product. Tutorials, guides and more.


A ChatGPT Plus GPT trained on the docs to help you build your product. Ask questions and get answers.

Thomas Mol

Hi 👋 Thomas here

I am a maker and a developer from the Netherlands. 2 Years ago I found Svelte and instantly fell in love with it. Since then, I use SvelteKit for all my projects and products. Including Audiogest.

I realized I used the same tech stack for all my projects and wanted a faster way to launch new products.

That's why I created Launch Leopard. It:

  • Saves you hours of time setting up boring boilerplate stuff
  • Lets you focus on launching and building your product
  • It's as easy as:

Use this template

The boilerplate in action:


Pay once, own forever



one-time payment

  • SvelteKit Boilerplate
  • Supabase or Auth.js
  • OpenAI integration AI Ready
  • Stripe Payments
  • Marketing + Transactional Email
  • UI Components
  • Docs
  • Discord Community
  • Lifetime Updates Updated 2 months ago
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our FAQs. If you have any other questions you'd like answered please feel free contact me at [email protected] or dm me on X (Twitter) @thomas_mol.

Can I get a refund?

After purchase, the boilerplate is yours to keep. Therefore, we do not offer refunds. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

TypeScript or Javascript?

Currently Launch Leopard is TypeScript only

My Tech Stack is different, can I still use Launch Leopard?

Yes! All tech is optional, you can use the parts you want and leave out the rest. You'll probably have to do some manual setup/changes though. SvelteKit will always be the core framework.

Is there support for Supabase?

Yes! Just use the Supabase boilerplate and you are good to go.

How do I get support?

Contact me at [email protected], in the Discord or dm me on X (Twitter) @thomas_mol

I have a feature request, how do I submit it?

Submit an issue in the GitHub repo once you have access, in the Discord or contact me at [email protected] or dm me on X (Twitter) @thomas_mol

I have found a bug, how do I notify this?

Submit an issue in the GitHub repo once you have access, in the Discord or contact me at [email protected] or dm me on X (Twitter) @thomas_mol